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Vastu Shastra was formally used since ages. It is a traditional Hindu system where people used it for their design based on allignments direction. As per the Scientist it is Superstitous but Hindu believe for making the Temples and nowadays it has been widely used for Desinging home and offices or for any land purpose. There are many principles of vastu followed by people, among them one is Mathematical calculations. Maana and Aayadi are the other forms.

Vastu is completely differnt from Feng Shui. There is no relation or similarity between Vastu Shastra and Indian Fend Shui. As we know the world comprises of Panch (Five) Maha Bhoot which are as follows: Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and Space (Akash). All this Panch Bhoot has its own description. They have invisible and constant relation among each other.

This is considered while designing the building or interior of home or office. Uttaraayan (North) & Purva (East) are considered as the best direction for the entrance of the building or resident entrance or office entrance as per the Vastu Shastra. Direction are considered as an importance factor. Below are the details:

North (Kuber) - Ruled by Lord of Wealth (Finance)
South (Yama) - Ruled by Lord of Death (Damaging)
East (Indra) - Ruled by Solar Diety -- Aditya (Seeing the world)
West (Varun) - Ruled by Lord of Water (Physical)
NorthEast (Eshanya) - Ruled by Lord Shiva
SouthEast (Agni) - Ruled by the Fire Diety (Energy Generating)
NorthWest (Vaayu) - Ruled bye the Lord of Winds (Advertisements)
SouthWest (Pitru) - Ruled by Ancestors (History)
Center (Bhrama) - Ruled by the Creator of Universe (Desire)

According to the Vastu, the distribution of Room in a Building are given below:

North - Treasury
Northeast - Prayer room
East - Bathroom
Southeast - Kitchen
South - Bedroom
Southwest - Armoury
West - Dinning room
Northwest - Cowshed

Choosing Wall Colors According to Vastu

Bedroom: Pink is an auspicious color for bedroom. light blue and light green are also good for bedroom. Choose green color for children bedroom because it can helps in study of children.
Living room: Yellow, Blue, Green, Tan and Beige are best colors for living room as these colors are pleasant for guests.
Kitchen: The white is the best color for kitchen. yellow, orange, rose pink, chocolate and red colors are also good colors for kitchen.
Bathroom: It can be of white or a mix of black and white or gray colors. pink and other pastel colors are also good.
Dining room: The pink, green and blue colors are good for dining room as this place needs to be painted in refreshing colors for the family eats and entertains there. avoid black and white or mixture of black and white in the room.

Impact of Colors

Color affects and influences us both emotionally and psychologically on all levels, whether it is personal or business. The following colors are considered auspicious for the enhancement of ‘vaastu’ of a building.
Red: Symbolizes bravery and power. it is dramatic, emotional and active. it should not be used in bedrooms because of its energizing quality. it can also be stressful for those who are nervous.
Orange: Inspires spirituality and power. it encourages positive feeling, happiness, joy and good social relationship. Peach color can also be used as it is a cool color.
Green: Represents nature, hope, freshness. it brings harmony, quick healing, good and healthy environment to the room. Most of the hospitals are using this color because of its quick healing quality. green color is good or study room as it rejuvenate the ideas.
Yellow: Gives a sense of patience and wisdom. it represents sunlight which symbolizes power. if a room gets direct sunlight, do not paint the walls with yellow color. for ’puja’ room, yellow color is perfect.
Blue: Symbolizes spring, new growth and relaxation. this is cool color can be used for bedrooms or meditation room.
Purple: Inspires faith, respect and trust. never paint entire room in purple color as it may be overpowering. however a light purple color can be used for a calming environment.
White: Is an elegant color and looks good when combined with other colors. white ceilings are suggested by most of the people as it reflects the light and brightens the room. this color can be used in north-west bedroom.
Pink: Represents joy, happiness and pure feeling. it can be used in master bedroom and bedrooms in the south and southwest.
Black: Indicates lack of hope and confidence. it gives us depressed and tensed feel. avoid black and gray color in house as these may cause frustration and hopelessness.

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