Interior Decorators in Mumbai

Interior Decorators in Mumbai

Creativity at its best

Interior decorators in Mumbai are in huge demands as people in today’s time believe in being different from others. In this era of creativity Interior decorators in Mumbai put it their best effort to prove their creativity and satisfy their clientele. The idea of simple house is disappearing. Simplicity is also a part of interior decorating where people want their decorators to plan a simple house which is simple but unique.

Job of interior Decorators is not that simple. There are list of things which they need to keep in mind to achieve their goal of satisfying their customer. A good Interior Decorator will always start their work by talking to their clientele and try to understand and know what exactly they expect. So on the demands of the clientele they start their plan of action.

Interior Decorator majorly works on increasing the functionality of the place by optimizing the space available. They use best of their knowledge to work on increasing the resources available. Interior Decorators do not believe in over crowding the space. They suggest keeping things which are important and functional. Using space in a vertical manner is a very good idea to increase the space visually.

Secondly, the interest is on the ventilation of the room in sense of air and light. A home or place with optimum ventilation and natural light is appreciated. Interior decorators work on east,west, north and south directions in order to achieve proper lights and ventilation.

Interior Decorating involves everything from the entrance to the restroom. Decorator plans the kind of door opening, the colour of the wall, type of lights to be used, colour combination in different rooms, Restroom facilities, types of hooks, latches to be used, type of shower to be used, colour of the fans to be used, colour of curtains to be used and so on.

All these decisions majorly depend on the client’s budget. For e.g. flooring can be of tiles, Indian marble, Italian marble depending on the client’s demand. So major factor of budget goes all the way long with the decorating. There are many other factors which are important while decorating homes or offices.

In commercial setup, Interior Designers have to focus more on creating the formal setup and give a healthy working environment by choosing and selecting the correct colour brightness, space which is sufficient for comfortable working etc. Decorating for schools and colleges has to be formal as well as informal. They have to create a mixed environment where students can feel relaxed and enjoy and also where students have peace to study.

In the era of more and more malls coming up, Interior Decorators have evolved from last decade. The quality of work has improved and also the creativity. Initially Decorators have planned and decorated malls with number of shops and food junctions but today we have a mall which includes a huge roller coaster ride in between the shops. So the creativity and technicality of the Interior Decorators have improved.

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